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Agape Life Line

Agape offers a life line of hope to people who have fallen through the cracks of the society into grinding poverty and hopelessness and provide them with a lifeline of hope and support to climb out of it. Agape life line reaches out to the most downtrodden deserving people and transforms their lives with God's Love to help them rise up to have a life of dignity and become valuable citizens of the society and Country

Agape Family

Agape home is not just an orphanage. It is a home which provides all that a good family...

Agape Umbrella

Children who have completed 18 years in Agape family - Children's home...

Irular- Child Development

Irular is a native tribe who used to be on the hills. Irul means...

Leprosy Services

Leprosy is considered as a dreadful disease and though curable, the permanent ...

Helping Hand

Individuals who are in desperate position, stressed, unable to rise up because of...

Street Dwellers

A group of families live between the grand trunk road and the railway station at Vandalur...